On Time: Or, the Young Captain of the Ucayga Steamer

On Time: Or, the Young Captain of the Ucayga Steamer

Oliver Optic

“You don’t want that boat, Wolf, any more than the lake wants water,” said my father, after I had read an advertisement, in the Ruoara Clarion, of the effects of a bankrupt which were to be sold at auction the next day.

“I don’t think the lake would amount to much without water; in fact, to no more than I do without business,” I replied. “I want something to do, and if I can buy this boat at a low price, I am sure I can make something out of her.”

“What can you do with her? She is a very pretty plaything; but you and I can’t afford such luxuries,” added my father.

“I don’t want her for a plaything, father,” I persisted. “I want to make some money out of her.”

“You are an enterprising boy, Wolf; but I really don’t see any money in a boat like that.”

“I think there is, though of course I may be mistaken. Since Major Toppleton has been running his steamers across the lake to Centreport so many times a day, the ferry would not pay, and the owner has gone up to Ruoara with his boat. Now, there are many people who wish to cross between the steamers’ trips.”

“I don’t think that would pay,” said my father, shaking his head.

“There is hardly a boat to let, either in Middleport or Centreport. I think a boat kept for parties of pleasure would pay well. There are plenty of people who want to go up the lake fishing; and there would be a great many more if a decent boat were to be had.”

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